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Our Vision

Sharing our Philosophy,

Dreams and Goals

We believe we will become the most respected company in the refrigeration industry by consistently delivering the highest quality and eco-friendly products with exceptional service. Our priority is to continue improving our products and services to fulfill
our customer’s needs better.

We understand Earth’s limited and precious natural resources. With respect and responsibility to the environment, we have created all our products to use clean energy efficiently. Together, we share the same dream with our like-minded customers and strive to make it come true.


We care about our customers.

We care about our employees.

We care about our society & community.

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Innovation for Your Convenience

Even with our top of the line equipment, we believe that there is always room for improvement. Our R&D department works around the clock to develop more technological advancements to serve our customers better. The genuine motivation to help our customers drive our innovation.

Turbo Air
Turbo Cooling and Freeze
Turbo Cooling and Freeze
Self-Cleaning Condenser
Turbo Air R and D
Turbo Cooling & Freeze

Runs the compressor continuously up to two hours to quickly cool or freeze items.

Digital Temperature Control System

Intuitive control system includes the early warning alarm which detects issues before a malfunction occurs.

Self-Cleaning Condenser

Automatically cleans the condenser to prevent dust build-up, the common cause of compressor failure.

Turbo Air R & D

R & D teams are located in California and Texas, USA and internationally, S. Korea and China, continuously working on innovative solutions.


Respect and Responsibility for
Our Environment

Turbo Air has the utmost respect and responsibility for a sustainable environment. We have the many Energy Star and DOE certified models in the entire commercial refrigeration industry. We perfected the balance between reduced energy consumption and high efficiency. All our units utilize natural, eco-friendly refrigerants, which make for satisfied customers and a healthier environment.

Turbo Air
Turbo Cooling and Freeze
Energy Star Partner
Natural Refrigerant

Earth-friendly hydrocarbons R-600A and R-290.

Energy Star Partner

100+ models registered with Energy Star and 283 models with DOE* (Reflects 11/19/2020 data).

Energy Saving Fan Controller

Controller uses a sophisticated algorithm that operates the fan motor accordingly to the interior temperature.

Energy Saving Hot Gas Condensate System

Evaporates excess water with unit's naturally producing heat and anti-corrosion treated pipes.

Total Kitchen System

Turbo Air Group has a diverse set of commercial equipment divisions: refrigeration, supermarket refrigeration equipment, refrigeration systems and air conditioner, cooking and baking equipment, butcher equipment, and sinks and worktables.

With 20 years of experience and knowledge, Turbo Air has quickly become recognized as specialists in the field of commercial refrigeration. Quality control is perfected at Turbo Air owned factories in the USA, and around the globe. The majority of the products are equipped with the revolutionary Self-Cleaning Condenser, patented and exclusively available through Turbo Air.


Turbo Air Refrigeration System’s motto is “One call solution.” With one call, we provide a total service package, starting with the initial inquiry, to product ordering, installation and follow up, technical service, and onto a long-lasting relationship with clients. We provide the most technologically advanced unit coolers and condensing units, which we combined to create the best-selling SMART 7.


Our commercial cooking equipment was built with chefs and cooks in mind. We carry heavy duty restaurant ranges, steam tables, microwave ovens, bakery equipment, and more. Radiance does not add a new line of equipment until we are 100% positive it meets the industry’s standards and exceeds customer satisfaction. Rest assured, Radiance provides only the best for the best.


German Knife is dedicated to precision, power, and performance. Our slicers, meat saws, and meat grinders do exactly that. The knife blades are carefully crafted from Germany and provide precise cuts every single time. The powerful motors run smoothly, maintenance free, and at peak performance. Customer satisfaction and safety is German Knife’s top priority.


Turbo Air Global Network

Turbo Air Group is well established nationally and globally. The world headquarters is based in Long Beach, California and Turbo Air Group has four factories in the USA, Korea, China, and Vietnam. Our global sales branches are located in the USA, Korea, China, Europe, and the Middle East, with Turbo Air products sold in 67 countries. We stay connected globally to serve our customers across the world better.

Turbo Air USA Network

We bring enhanced freight damage prevention, reduced delivery time, and faster technical support with our USA network. Our 13 branches ensure safe product delivery and reduced transit time with 2-day delivery across the country. A network of 2,000 technicians strategically located in 13 major cities and 15 major part distributors allows for quick and efficient service regardless of where our customers are across the United States.



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